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Chicken Luncheon Meat | 78g, 140g, 200g

Chicken Luncheon Meat | 78g, 140g, 200g

The Chicken Luncheon Meat is a firm and slice-able chicken pâté that could be tasted on grilled or soft bread. But it could be easily cooked for meals or soups.

The Chicken Luncheon Meat exists on several sizes: 78g, 140g and 200g.
And this chicken pâté also has its spicy version, the Chicken Luncheon Meat Spicy in 140g.


  • Canned chicken pâté
  • Luncheon pâté
  • Made in France
  • Ready-to-eat
  • Canned meat



Jean Hénaff is a French familial cannery, founded in 1907 in Brittany, France. Our company is expert in French preserved meat products in cans or glass jars. We are leader on the French national pâtés and terrine market.

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