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Colombian Coffee Tiramisu

Colombian Coffee Tiramisu

A creamy spoonful, thanks to a very generous dose of mascarpone, will be accompanied by the delicate round and balanced taste of Colombian coffee extract. Prepared with Paysan Breton® double cream and a soft spoonful of fresh eggs, our coffee Tiramisus will leave you with a discreet touch of bitterness in your mouth with the cocoa lightly sprinkled on the delicious cream volutes. You will succumb to all its flavours in your mouth, subtly reminding you of all the Italian joy concentrated in a single glass.


  • Tiramisu
  • Dessert
  • Premium
  • Italy
  • Gourmet



Marie Morin's delicious family story!

We are a small business company located in North West of France. We produce and sell premium desserts in the French retail market but also abroad! Quality and delicacy are the keywords of our desserts!

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