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Vegetables dips | Glass Jars 130g

Vegetables dips | Glass Jars 130g

Our vegetable dips are the perfect ally to dress and offer french style appetizer.

  • Sesame chickpeas and lemon juice
    The combination of sesame cream and lemon will awaken the taste buds of your guests!

  • Tomato basil and rosemary
    Here is a delicious and tasty tomato recipe, with its hint of basil which will bring a freshness in the mouth. Very fragrant, this summer recipe is perfect to accompany your aperitifs throughout the year.

  • Eggplant thyme and basil
    This tasty recipe will transport you to the edge of the Mediterranean. It is cooked with grilled eggplant, olive oil and a hint of garlic to delight your taste buds!

Our vegetables dips are part of our appetizer range that includes vegetables spreads and meat spreads in glass jars 90g.


  • Vegetable spread
  • Vegetable dips
  • Delicatessen
  • Made in France
  • Appetizer



Jean Hénaff is a French familial cannery, founded in 1907 in Brittany, France. Our company is expert in French preserved meat products in cans or glass jars. We are leader on the French national pâtés and terrine market.

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