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Jean Hénaff is a French familial cannery, founded in 1907 in Brittany, France. Our company is expert in French preserved meat products in cans or glass jars. We are leader on the French national pâtés and terrine market.

Bretagne 26000
IFS Food Certification

We only can the best!

We provide our tasty products for years worldwide: Japan, USA, Singapore, Chili, etc, thanks to our wide ambient range of products:

  • Pâtés, terrines, rillettes made pork, poultry, game in cans (78g, 130g, 200g, 1000g) or glass jars (90g, 180g)
  • Meat spreads: poultry, pork in cans (78g, 130g) or glass jars (90g, 180g)
  • Vegetables spreads and dips in glass jars (90g or 130g)
  • Crackers (100g)
  • Canned ready-to-eat meals (205g, 275g, 410g): Beef tongue Madeira Sauce or Spicy sauce, Thinly sliced ​​kidneys in mustard sauce.

We also offer chilled ready-to-cut pâté and rillettes rolls in several format for the foodservice.

Our company is well-known for our bestseller the Hénaff Pork Pâté and its unchanged recipe since 1907: the best cuts of pork - fillets and hams - to offer gourmets more flavors.

We have launched our brand new range dedicated to the art of french appetizer with several meat spreads, vegetables spreads and dips in glass jars and crackers.

For 10 years, we have contributed to elaborate gastronomic meals for the space station.
Our team is very proud to be part of this adventure by providing premium and tasty meals to astronauts.
Our R&D department has recently worked on the production of new recipes created by Ducasse Conseil for the Centre National des Etudes Spatiales , for the next flight of the French astronaut, Thomas Pesquet.

In 2019, we have launched our new strategy called Be good 2030 (pun with the word “Bigoud” > “Bigouden” referring to the name of our territory). This strategy is focused on sustainable development concerns with long-term and measurable goals. This ambitious program is based on 5 pillars and 14 commitments and every measurable goals is published on our annual CSR report.




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