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Specialty Optical Fibres and Components

Specialty Optical Fibres and Components

Discover the product line Perfos®.

We offer a range of high quality specialty optical fibers (standard and custom) : supercontinuum PCF fibres, nonlinear PCF fibres, airclad PCF fibres, endlessly singlemode PCF fibres, multicore fibres, anti-resonant hollow core fibres etc.

We also provide silica capillaries, stress rods, doped rods, doped preforms, fibre tapers, fibre bragg grating array…

Our skilled team of technicians, engineers and PhDs with expertise in all key areas offers a fully tailored fibre service: from design studies to prototyping and characterisation.


  • Optical Fibre
  • Custom-designed Fibre
  • Preform Fibre
  • Fibre Prototyping
  • Fibre Characterization



Photonics Bretagne integrates an RTO expert in the development of specialty optical fibres & components, in biophotonics applications, and a cluster of 115+ members supporting photonics innovation in Brittany.
We provide fibre and fibre-based products and photonics consultancy services.

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