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Aluminium sheets sawing machine – ALUMATIC

Aluminium sheets sawing machine – ALUMATIC

Our ALUMATIC numerically controlled sawing machine cuts thick aluminum plates (up to 200mm) but also non-ferrous metals or composites.
This aluminum plate cutting machine is also suitable for cutting sandwich panels (metal wall 2 mm thick with polyurethane foam).
Widely used in the aeronautics sector, this large capacity aluminum sawing machine will allow you to obtain clean cuts and gain in productivity whilst in complete safety.


  • Aluminium Sheets Sawing Machine
  • Heavy Duty Rollers on Conveyor
  • Peumatic Clamp
  • Carbide Milling Cutter



ROTY & Fils is a French manufacturer of industrial machine tools used for sawing and machining all materials, custom-made material conveyors and length stop.

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