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Parcel sortation

Parcel sortation

Alstef Group designs, supplies, and installs parcel handling solutions for courier, warehousing, and distribution facilities.

We offer a modular, scalable parcel handling solutions, from simple dimension, weigh, scanning and manual sorting, through to fully automated parcel sortation systems.

We have partnered with Interroll and other industry leaders to offer a robust range of sorters and modular conveyors to provide versatile, durable systems.

We offer on-going support and after sales service, including a 24-hour hotline and preventative and corrective maintenance programs.


  • Parcel
  • Conveyor
  • Courier
  • Warehousing


Alstef Group

Alstef Group designs, integrates and supports automated turnkey systems for airport, intralogistics and parcel markets. Its mission is to create intelligent solutions that not only meet the needs of its customers, but also provide them with the long-term benefits of a tailor-made automated system that is efficient, scalable and innovative.

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