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Single Board Computers

Single Board Computers

To meet the most demanding requirements of embedded computing, Interface Concept has designed a full array or Single Board Computers based on leading-edge Intel, NXP and Arm processors. These 3U, 6U VPX and VME high-processing boards are equipped with field-programmable FPGAs and a great deal of I/O interfaces to meet your requirements in military and industrial applications while minimizing SWaP (size, weight and power).

With this line of Back-End Processing (BEP) boards, Interface Concept offers reliable, secure and powerful solutions at the leading edge of current technology: single and dual multicore processor configuration, high DDR capacity, enhanced thermo-mechanical solutions. (Board Support Packages for Linux and VxWorks are provided.)


  • Single Board Computer
  • High-Processing Board



Interface Concept develops and manufactures cutting-edge Single Board Computers, Gigabit Ethernet switches and FPGA processing boards for high-computing industrial and defense applications.

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