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Securyzr TM

Securyzr TM

Securyzr integrated Secure Element (security subsystem, sometimes referred to as an HSM - Hardware Security Module) provides a complete range of security features, including hardware IPs, addressing all the state-of-the-art threats against embedded systems. The IPs offer security functions (Cryptography, Authentication, Random Number Generation, Physically Unclonable Function) in this secure enclave, with a single secure interface to the rest of the chip. By combining and adapting the IP required for each field (automotive, IoT, etc.), we can prevent hacking of secure elements, reverse engineering of embedded systems, and theft of intellectual property.


  • Root of trust
  • Silicon IP
  • Security IP



With presence and customers across 5 continents, Secure-IC is the rising leader and only global provider of end-to-end cybersecurity solutions for embedded systems and connected objects.

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