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Defants vSIRT

Defants vSIRT

Defants vSIRT is a real-time, collaborative digital forensics and investigation solution to all consultants responding to a cyber attack, redefining how organizations can leverage digital forensics in real-world cases and help them minimize the impact of a breach, and expose the attacker's difficult or otherwise impossible paths.


  • Investigation
  • Post-Incident
  • Cybersecurity
  • Collaboration
  • Automatisation



Founded in 2021, Defants is a cybersecurity pure player that focuses on Digital Forensic and Incident Response.
We offer Defants vSIRT which is an advanced SaaS platform for Digital Forensic & Incident Response that enables automation and real-time collaboration to experts and provides them with comprehensive data visualization to understand a cyber attack faster and easier and thus reduce the cost and impact related to it.

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