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Why choose digital identity?

Faced with a world where digital technology is the name of the game and GAFAM are becoming major points of concern for governments and regulators, digital identities are the answer.

Digital identities will enable governments, public services, companies and regulated activities (banks, fintech, online games etc.) to control fraud risks and comply with increasingly strict regulations while remaining accessible to as many users as possible.

Remote identity checking is the essentiel step in protecting citizens from online fraud.

Our digital identity management platform offers a real answer to these challenges in France and throughout Europe.


  • Digital Identity solution
  • E-wallet
  • Europe
  • Digital identity management platform
  • Personal data protection



Trust is our foundation, Identity is what we do.
We do Identity.

Making the digital world a safer place for everyone by preventing fraud and offering the best possible user experience under European standards and regulations: this is ARIADNEXT’s mission. Its solutions solutions based on Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning have already attracted more than 300 customers in Europe, making the company the leading European provider of solid digital identification services.

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