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« S3 » product range – USB white stations

« S3 » product range – USB white stations

Hogo’s S3 products are USB white stations, designed to be simple to use and very efficient.
S3 products allow to scan a USB device for malwares, with up to 5 antivirus, heuristics, an behavioural engines.
In accordance with state-of-the-art security requirements, it is also possible to transfer data from an unsafe USB device to a trusted one.
Finally, the S3 products can be combined with a file sharing server, to completely get rid of USB devices on your information system.


  • White-Station
  • USB
  • CSPN
  • Antivirus



Hogo is specialized in designing and developing off-the-shelf cybersecurity products, and especially USB white stations.
With our pragmatic approach and a taste for excellence, our products are robust, efficient, yet remain very simple to use.

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