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Easylience®, a crisis management platform

Easylience®, a crisis management platform

Easylience® is the first solution to cover all the needs of alert and crisis management, including cyber attacks, in a single solution.

Accessible on any type of equipment (PC, tablet, smartphone) Easylience® is based on three essential requirements:

  • Easy to understand, use and remember for event managers, who are often occasional users
  • Robust and resilient so that it is always available, including during updates (RTO/RPO at 0)
  • Secure to protect our clients' sensitive information (regular audits by firms approved by the French government's information systems security agency).


  • Crisis
  • Alert
  • Cyber
  • Continuity
  • Risk



Founded in 2016, we are a global leader in emergency and crisis management.

Our employees benefit from more than 20 years of experience in digital innovation or in developing the operational resilience of organizations.

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