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QR-code traceability

QR-code traceability

We propose an online tool allowing you to create and modify in real time the content of your dynamic QR-code.

The customer approaches his smartphone to the product or packaging and access interactive multimedia services that you can change in minutes and at any time (nutritional advice, traceability, vidéo, texte, pay, go, play ....).

The same packaging can offers different services depending on the geographical location, the client's language and the time of year !

We have won several awards with smart and connected packaging, including a gold medal at the LEPINE Paris innovating competition.

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  • Qr-code
  • Connected Packaging
  • Traceable Packaging
  • Geofencing
  • Data Collect



We have two activities:
- We are a cardboard packaging manufacturer based in the West of France. We offer the following services : Design the right form - printing - cutting - folding and gluing your packaging.
- We propose an online tool allowing you to create dynamics QR-codes to add multimedia and interactive environments around packaging, such as traceability - nutritional advice ….)

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