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Imatag Leaks

Imatag Leaks

Your visual content is critical to the success of your business, but a leak of your images or videos can have devastating consequences.
Are all of your partners and methods of transmission reliable?

Imatag Leaks is the first online solution for the identification of photo or video leaks.

  1. Upload your assets
  2. Register your recipients
  3. Imatag generates a unique copy per recipient, using its invisible watermarking technology
  4. Then download your files and send them away.

You spot a leak somewhere online?

  1. Upload the suspicious copy to Imatag Leaks
  2. The invisible watermark will reveal who is the original source of the leak.


  • Digital watermark
  • Brand content protection
  • Forensic watermarking
  • Image tracking
  • Reverse image search



Imatag protects and monitors enterprises visual content via a patented invisible watermark, reporting on its location, whether print or online, and on its source, in case of leaked content.

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