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Bora Care

Bora Care

Bora care® is an integrated solution for remote monitoring at home, easy to use, without the patient's intervention, to optimise the care pathway and quality of life.
It is composed by:

  • Bora band®: a certified medical wristband able to monitor the most significant cardio-respiratory parameters of patients as they go through their everyday life.
  • Bora box: a smartphone allowing all patients to be connected
  • Bora connect®: the ergonomic platform for retrieving and viewing patient monitoring data continuously.


  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Real Life Data
  • E-health
  • Medical Device
  • Connected Wristband



Biosency aims to improve the management of patients with cardio-respiratory insufficiency by offering a disruptive digital solution, integrating the analysis of clinical data, to optimise the monitoring of patients' progress at home and to facilitate the coordination of healthcare professionals.

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