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Imatag Monitor

Imatag Monitor

Your business needs images and videos to communicate, promote and sell products, but what happens to those visuals once you post them online?
Are they copied, shared, used without your knowledge?

With our online solution Imatag Monitor, you get all of it in one easy dashboard.

  1. Upload your assets into your Imatag Monitor account
  2. Imatag Monitor will immediately crawl the web to find your content, even on user-selected websites, social media accounts, Youtube channels ...
  3. Log in to your Imatag Monitor dashboard to discover and understand which of your media is used the most, where and by whom.


  • Image monitoring
  • Brand monitoring
  • Copyright infringement
  • DMCA
  • Take down notice



Imatag protects and monitors enterprises visual content via a patented invisible watermark, reporting on its location, whether print or online, and on its source, in case of leaked content.

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