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Med XRay - Flat Panel & Acquisition Workstation

Med XRay - Flat Panel & Acquisition Workstation

3 sizes of flat panels are available:

  • 43 x 43
  • 36 x 43
  • 24 x 30

Wi-Fi connected with embedded battery, the flat panel fits in existing analog table and/or potter for fast easy and high-quality images acquisition. The flat panels are driven by our acquisition software with AED technology. The software offers different functionalities such as:

  • Acquisition protocols
  • Image processing
  • Printing layouts
  • Measurement tools
  • Stitching module
  • Interoperability with the PACS or any DICOM workstations


  • Flat Panel
  • 43 x 43
  • 36 x 43
  • Bones / Lungs
  • Retrofit Radiology applications



Medecom has been developing software solutions for digital radiology and mammography since 2000.
We address our acquisition, diagnosis, archiving and communication solutions to distributors and medical devices manufacturers throughout the world.
Our solutions are CE marked and the diagnostic workstations are certified FDA. Medecom is ISO 13485 compliant.

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