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Optical bundles and probes

Optical bundles and probes

All optical fibers: SM, MM, PM
Fiber glass fibers (flexible, rigid rods)
Products: Optical bundles, optical probes, flexible light guides, rigid rods, 2D fiber arrays

Our bundles and probes are designed for collecting or delivering light to and from a target or sample. They are commonly used in applications such as spectroscopy, medical diagnostics, and environmental sensing. Optical probes may incorporate lenses, filters, or other components to manipulate the light for specific analytical purposes. They play a crucial role in non-invasive optical measurements and diagnostics.

Liquids, solids, films, powders, gases samples
A large choice of fiber tips
Random, line, ring, cross, hexagon, round…
Specific probes: Raman, 90°


  • Optical Fiber
  • Custom
  • Non-invasive Measurement
  • In-situ Measurement
  • Real-time Monitoring



IDIL is a photonics solutions provider with 30 years of experience in FIBER OPTICS ASSEMBLIES (micro-optics, pigtails, patchcords, bundles and components), OPTOELECTRONIC SYSTEMS & LASERS (shock physics, opto-pyro, sensors for materials and structures), SPECTROSCOPY & MICROSCOPY (lab/field solutions) and PHOTONICS ENGINEERING.

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