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Med Archive - Archiving Solution

Med Archive - Archiving Solution

Medecom offers a Mini PACS solution for archiving images and reports. The archived information comes from different modalities. The exams and reports are archived in DICOM files.
Med Archive is installed on a server. The size of the server is adjusted upon the needs.
A secured Web interface allows 24/7 access to Med Archive. This system offers different functionalities.
Med Archive is powerful and intuitive. It facilitates
the patient’s management records for an optimized, efficient, and reliable workflow.
Med Archive can easily work with Clipper. It ensures exams and reports to be shared with patients, specialists, other radiology centers and/or offices. It is a cost-effective Mini PACS solution.


  • PACS
  • Medical archiving solution
  • DICOM archive



Medecom has been developing software solutions for digital radiology and mammography since 2000.
We address our acquisition, diagnosis, archiving and communication solutions to distributors and medical devices manufacturers throughout the world.
Our solutions are CE marked and the diagnostic workstations are certified FDA. Medecom is ISO 13485 compliant.

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