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Garnished shells

Garnished shells

Our garnished shells are traditionally prepared by our chefs.
Either Brittany or Norman styled, the basis ingredient if often scallop. Ours come from France or are certified MSC/ASC.
The scallops are highlighted by other equally noble ingredients such as foie gras, morels, truffle, shrimp, salmon or lobster.
Our recipes offered in natural shell or in cooking pottery are pleasantly well balanced and subtle.


  • Cooked Meals
  • Garnished Shell
  • Seafood Meals
  • Seafood Snacking



Our establishment on the former site of a cannery anchors us in our territory and intimately links us to the history of Brittany.​

Since its creation 30 years ago, PAM has been a dedicated workshop for its clients.

"Our willing : to offer you a frozen food in your own way"

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