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Fiber Solutions

Fiber Solutions

After decades of development, fluoride glass technology has become mature.
LVF now offers industrial solutions thanks to fruitfull partnerships: mid-infrared supercontinuum laser sources, 2800-2900 nm and 3100-3300 nm fiber lasers as well as laser or amplifier fiber modules.
LVF also commercializes a patented wet paint optical thickness measurement…

Mid-IR supercontinuum laser technology
Electro-MIR 4100 and 4800 are the commercial supercontinuum sources born from LVF over 40 years’ experience in fluoride fibers and LEUKOS
over 10 years’ experience in the field of supercontinuum laser.
Thanks to their high brightness from 700nm up to 4100nm or 4800 nm, they are an ideal solution for mid infrared applications such as infrared
spectrometry, spectral fingerprinting and countermeasures (IRCM).
Robust and compact, unique solutions are proposed in order to ensure long term reliability and industrial compliance.

Continuous Wave Mid-IR fiber lasers
Experts at Quebec City’s COPL – premier research center for midinfrared fiber lasers - and LVF have teamed up to launch LumIR Lasers, a new
force for innovation in mid-IR fiber lasers.
LumIR 2800 lasers deliver affordable 2.8 μm CW fiber lasers available in 1 to 10 W output powers.
LumIR 3200 lasers emit at 3.1-3.3 μm with power up to 5 W.

All products are currently available as OEM solutions ready to bring unprecedented capabilities to your application, particularly for medical
(dentistry, skin resurfacing, …), industrial (polymer processing, food marking, …) or research purposes

Laser and Amplifier Fiber Modules
In order to make our fibers easier to handle and directly integrable in a final commercial system, LVF can deliver fiber modules.
The required fiber length is integrated in a robust housing and connectorized with FC/PC, FC/APC, SMA or custom connectors depending
on customer need. This is a plug-and-play module.
Depending on power requirements, an endcap might also be spliced at the input and/or output of the fiber.

TARGAZH SYSTEMS optical thickness sensor
This thickness sensor was developed according to industrial requirements:

  • Customer: Arcelor
  • Technology: absorption spectroscopy with a 100% optical solution
  • System aims:
    • Reducing paint consumption by 5% to 10%
    • Quality control
  • Method: online wet paint measurement before oven introduction
  • Performance/results: paint thickness measurement with ±0,3µm high accuracy

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LVF, located in Bruz, is the world leading manufacturer of fluoride glass and germanate glass fibers. Its mature technology enables today the realization of innovative solutions that respond to challenges of the 21st century like improving the human health, better monitoring air and water pollution, and monitoring quality in industrial processes. Our customers are industrials and laboratories around the world.

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