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Fiber Components

Fiber Components

Based on LVF fibers, we can provide a large variety of fiber components.

  • Fiber patch cables
  • Fiber bundles
  • Splices and end caps
  • High power laser patch cables
  • ICL and QCL pigtailing
  • Flow cells
  • Hermetic feedthroughs

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  • Fiber Patch Cable
  • Fiber Bundle
  • Laser Patch Cable
  • ICL and QCL Pigtailing
  • Fluoride Fiber Component



LVF, located in Bruz, is the world leading manufacturer of fluoride glass and germanate glass fibers. Its mature technology enables today the realization of innovative solutions that respond to challenges of the 21st century like improving the human health, better monitoring air and water pollution, and monitoring quality in industrial processes. Our customers are industrials and laboratories around the world.

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