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Bulk fluoride glasses

Bulk fluoride glasses

Le Verre Fluoré can provide any kind of bulk fluoride glasses such as parallelepipeds, ribbons, rods, tubes, prisms…

Those bulks can be homogeously doped or co-doped with rare earths (Er, Pr, Ho, Tm, Dy, Ho/Tm, Er/Pr, Pr/Yb…) depending on your requirements.
As solid and robust materials, they replace advantageously liquid cells as fluorescent intensity references and wavelength references.
They can also be used as light converters, as well as for study of specific properties of fluoride glasses for glass science.
They work in UV, visible, near infrared and mid-infrared ranges.

Main Applications

• Calibration of the spectral response of spectrometers (fluorescence intensity or absorption spikes at specific wavelengths, UV to VIS light conversion)

• Calibration of imagers (fluorescence intensity)

• Detection of NIR laser sources (NIR to VIS light conversion)

• Extension of sensitivity of silicium detectors (CCD, CMOS,…) in the UV spectrum (UV to VIS light conversion)

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LVF, located in Bruz, is the world leading manufacturer of fluoride glass and germanate glass fibers. Its mature technology enables today the realization of innovative solutions that respond to challenges of the 21st century like improving the human health, better monitoring air and water pollution, and monitoring quality in industrial processes. Our customers are industrials and laboratories around the world.

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