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FTTH Training Models

FTTH Training Models

FC EQUIPMENTS designs and develops training models for ‘IRT and TRT’ professional qualifications.

FTTH GPON training model is used to stimulate a full FTTH optical network from the NRO to the suscriber.
It considers a small place including a Triple Play: Internet, phone and TV.

FTTH training model has been developed to support training centers willing to enhance their trainee skills for deployment optical fibre network technicians.

FTTH training model is easy-to-use/-move/-install.


  • FTTH Training Models
  • NRO
  • Optical Fibre Network
  • Equipments
  • Test



FC EQUIPMENTS is expert in providing both brand new and refurbished test and measurement equipments. We work in partnership with highly qualified researchers, academic institutions, manufacturers and industrial sources targeting the technological world developments:

  • Optics business
  • Telecoms sector
  • Electronics
  • RF/Microwave frequency

French SME, leader in the Test & Measurement solutions sector since 2003.

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