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Active Fibers

Active Fibers

Since the discovery of ZBLAN glasses in 1974, Le Verre Fluoré has worked to develop a large range of fluoride optical fibers, including ZrF4, InF3 and AlF3 based optical fibers, designed for mid-infrared applications.

Our fluoride fibers can be separated in three main categories:

ZFG (Zirconium ZrF4 Fluoride Glass) = fluorozirconate fibers
Exhibit a high transparency from 0.3 up to 4.5 µm

IFG (Indium InF3 Fluoride Glass) = fluoroindate fibers
Exhibit a high transparency from 0.3 up to 5.5 µm

AFG (Aluminium AlF3 Fluoride Glass) = fluoroaluminate fibers, generally used for end-capping solutions.
Contact us to know more about AFG.

Thanks to their high rare earth solubility (Er, Ho, Tm, Dy, Pr, Yb, Nd, Ce, Sm… up to 100 000 ppm) and low phonon energy, dozens of transitions are active in fluoride glasses. As a result, combined to their high transparency, fluoride fibers are used for laser generation and amplification in the visible, near-infrared and mid-infrared ranges.

Hundreds of active fibers are in stock, single mode fibers and double-cladding fibers (contact us at


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LVF, located in Bruz, is the world leading manufacturer of fluoride glass and germanate glass fibers. Its mature technology enables today the realization of innovative solutions that respond to challenges of the 21st century like improving the human health, better monitoring air and water pollution, and monitoring quality in industrial processes. Our customers are industrials and laboratories around the world.

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