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Automatic bread line RheoPan

Automatic bread line RheoPan

The RheoPan Precision divider forms the basis of the RheoPan System. By weighing the dough pieces and adjusting the settings, it divides both highly hydrated and hard doughs with high precision. It divides the dough into one or two strips of 15cm or 7.5cm width, then the guillotine cuts the dough pieces to the desired length. 3 models are available with many additional RheoPan System modules.
Horizontal shaper with Alveo+ lamination for stress-free shaping of all types of dough.
If the production of bread balls is important, it is possible to complete the line by adding the RheoPan RotaBall rounding module. The eccentric movement of this dough balling, especially for highly hydrated doughs. Dough piece weight: from 200g to 3 000g. Hourly output of approx 1 500 dough pieces/hour (for larger productions, a second RheoPan RotaBall dough baller can be added).


  • Automatic bread line
  • Automatic divider
  • Bakery
  • Automatic intermediate proofer
  • Dough moulder



French manufacturer of machines and production bread lines for the bakery industry since 1954, MERAND has solutions to meet the needs of all types of bakeries.
Significant investments in R&D, major innovations, numerous patents, combined with very high reliability, ... all of this gives MERAND an expertise which is recognized worldwide.

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