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Connected divider-shaper Stradivario

Connected divider-shaper Stradivario

Designed on the same basis as our Div-Smart divider-shaper, this new automatic and connected divider-shaper Stradivario can also produce 10 baguettes in 10 seconds, without using the grid holder, after having simply closed the lid (50% less handling).
This machine includes the following systems:

  • VarioPress: pressure regulator
  • Flour Anti-Projection System
  • Easydoor: tool-free machine opening/closing
  • AutoFlour: automatic tank and dough piece flouring
  • Cycl'Auto: automatic press & cut cycle
  • 2x AlvéoForm trays 10 baguettes included
  • AutoTrad: 10 baguettes in less than 10 seconds
  • EasyMatic: storage of all the recipes settings
  • EasyTrack: traceability and control of production and maintenance


  • Divider-shaper
  • Automatic divider
  • Connected machine
  • Bakery
  • Baguettes



French manufacturer of machines and production bread lines for the bakery industry since 1954, MERAND has solutions to meet the needs of all types of bakeries.
Significant investments in R&D, major innovations, numerous patents, combined with very high reliability, ... all of this gives MERAND an expertise which is recognized worldwide.

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