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Cod liver | Conventional or organic 120g

Cod liver | Conventional or organic 120g

This delicatessen is ideal for appetizer and can be eaten on small toast roasted for new flavors from North Sea.

Prepared from wild fish, it is ideal to serve as starters or fingers food. Smooth texture.

Two recipes are available:

  • Cod liver natural
  • Cod liver with lemon organic

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  • Cod liver organic
  • Appetizer
  • Canned cod liver
  • Delicatessen
  • Fine food



Conserverie Gonidec is a familial cannery that has been founded in 1959 in Concarneau Brittany, France Our cannery has built its reputation by producing high quality products. Indeed, our sardines, anchovies, albacore tuna are fished on the Brittany’s coast by local fishermen. In the respect of traditions, all processes of transformation of the fishes, from cleaning to putting them in cans. Our Cannery has not found better than handmade to preserve the fragile top quality flesh of its fish.

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