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Mooring Equipment

Mooring Equipment

Boat mooring and towing equipment includes a range of equipment specifically designed to secure and maneuver boats when mooring and towing. This may include high quality ropes and cables, mooring cleats, buoys, blocks, winches, and other accessories.
This equipment is essential to ensure the stability, safety and ease of boat mooring and towing operations, whether in a port, on a pier or on a tug.


  • Mooring Hawser
  • Boat Hawser
  • Hawser
  • Mooring and Towing Rope
  • Boat Mooring Rope



Shipchandler since 1876 in Brest. Berthelot company is an official supplier for wellknown companies in Oil & Gas and Industry. Our purchase department is working with best manufacturers worlwide for equipment and spare-parts.

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