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Osprey New - Semi-pelagic Trawl Door

Osprey New - Semi-pelagic Trawl Door

The Osprey New is a semi-pelagic design, ideal for demersal trawling, and although it can be used on the bottom, it’s designed to be flown 5-6 meters above the seabed.

The result is reduced ground contact, and this doors is around 5 to 10% more fuel-efficient than the Exocet.

The new design has really taken off is with the groundfish fleet in the Mediterranean. Morgère’s Osprey New trawl doors have been a hit with the Mediterranean fleet and there is growing interest in other regions.

This door is made in V profile, which allows a better stability.


  • Semi-Pelagic
  • Osprey New
  • Fishing Boat Equipment
  • Trawl Door
  • Morgere



Since 1902, Morgère is one of the world's specialists in trawl opening, present on all five continents.

Our motto is "imagining the fishing of tomorrow, always more efficient, economical and ecological".

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