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Safety Equipment

Safety Equipment

The life jacket is an essential piece of equipment to guarantee safety in nautical activities. Designed to float and hold your head above water, it provides vital protection in an emergency.
This safety gear is made with durable, water-resistant materials, and it has adjustable straps to ensure a comfortable fit. Available in different sizes and styles, the life vest is suitable for all ages and swimming skill levels.
It is an essential element for the responsible practice of water sports and an essential precaution for safety at sea or on inland water bodies.


  • Life Jacket
  • Bra Life Jacket
  • SOLAS Vest
  • Inflatable vest
  • Life Jacket Accessories



Shipchandler since 1876 in Brest. Berthelot company is an official supplier for wellknown companies in Oil & Gas and Industry. Our purchase department is working with best manufacturers worlwide for equipment and spare-parts.

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