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Whether for incident response, threat hunting or alert qualification, Malizen helps accelerate analysts' investigations.

Our platform is a combination of different Data science and Machine Learning components that translate into the following major features:

  • Our Knowledge Graph reliably correlates across your many types of tools and data sources (SIEMs, CTIS, Case Managements, SOARs…).
  • Malizen replaces complex command line queries with intuitive Data Visualization and a drag&drop interface that allows you to easily find incident scenarios. Malizen creates the visualizations that express your data in the most effective way.
  • Our ML-powered co-pilot automatically suggests the most relevant techniques and tactics as the investigation progresses.
  • With our built-in note-taking system, progress is tracked and reports can be generated automatically, giving security leaders the freshest possible insight to quickly make informed decisions.
  • Malizen enables real-time sharing of investigative leads between all team members. It is then possible to find the right experts at the right time to qualify your investigation leads.


  • Incident Response
  • Threat Hunting
  • Investigation
  • SOC & CERT
  • Cybersecurity



Malizen is a startup developing a unique platform for cybersecurity experts to accelerate their investigations.

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