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Why use an identity verification service?

Online subscriptions and onboarding processes have become the new normal and companies must very cautious of user experience during these delicate moments, even more in times of rising fraud and identity theft.

Our identity verification solution checks that users who wish to subscribe to a service really are who they claim to be in a couple of seconds.

With this automatic solution based on Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence, companies begin a customer relationship based on trust, thanks to an optimal seamless, instant and secure journey. It also allows companies to be compliant with regulations.


  • KYC
  • Identity verification service
  • AML
  • Compliance regulatory
  • Customer onboarding



Trust is our foundation, Identity is what we do.
We do Identity.

Making the digital world a safer place for everyone by preventing fraud and offering the best possible user experience under European standards and regulations: this is ARIADNEXT’s mission. Its solutions solutions based on Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning have already attracted more than 300 customers in Europe, making the company the leading European provider of solid digital identification services.

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