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Large-White AXIOM

Large-White AXIOM

The French AXIOM Large-White is the result of more than 30 years of selection. These days it is one of the market’s most prolific Large Whites.

Choosing the AXIOM French Large-White means you are guaranteed:

  • Uniform litter
  • More piglets
  • Maximum litter weight gain

How do we do it? By selecting our Large-White on:

  • The number of live births
  • Litter quality at birth
  • The number of functional teats
  • The consumption & growth index


  • Prolificacy
  • Litter quality
  • Growth and index



AXIOM is the leading French company in swine genetics, with 30 years of progress and genetic evolution. Genetic selection, R&D, innovation and the high-quality research dissemination of genes drive our teams every day.

Our common goal: to offer you the best genetic potential for your hog operation, that responds bothto the expected technical-economic performance and ease of management.

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