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Landrace AXIOM

Landrace AXIOM

The Landrace AXIOM also has a large part of its target selection dedicated to prolificacy. Recognized for its maternal qualities, the selection objective increases the quality of the Landrace AXIOM range by selecting the birth weight and uniformity of the litter.

Choosing AXIOM French Landrace means you are guaranteed:

  • Heavier weaned piglets
  • Easy to manage sows
  • High fertility and longevity of the sows

How do we do it? By selecting our Landrace on:

  • The ADG
  • Litter quality at birth
  • The number of functional teats
  • The consumption & growth index


  • Litter quality
  • Productivity
  • Growth and index



AXIOM is the leading French company in swine genetics, with 30 years of progress and genetic evolution. Genetic selection, R&D, innovation and the high-quality research dissemination of genes drive our teams every day.

Our common goal: to offer you the best genetic potential for your hog operation, that responds bothto the expected technical-economic performance and ease of management.

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