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Thermo® is the name of the range of different solutions proposed by the CCPA Group to improve animal comfort and reduce the negative consequences of thermal stress on technical and economic performance.
Because the consequences are varied and specific, CCPA has developed unique feed solutions for each species:

  • Thermocontrol for pigs
  • Thermoplus for ruminants
  • Thermofeedstim for poultry
    These solutions are based on CCPA knowhow on specific plants ingredients and patented manufacturing technology.
    CCPA has also developed digital tools - Thermoplan and Thermotool - to anticipate, evaluate and manage thermal stress.


  • Heat stress
  • Performances
  • Animal comfort
  • Health
  • Feed



The CCPA GROUP develops, and markets a wide range of innovative products and services: feed solutions, farm specialities, functional ingredients, formulation, software, etc. The Group benefits from a R&I department, a laboratory, a research station, and a network of reference farms.

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