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Innovation in Food Supplements

Innovation in Food Supplements

We take great pride in proposing the most effective and innovative food supplements on the market. We meticulously choose the best raw materials and packaging to precisely meet the needs of our clients.
Each year we boast the launch of over 200 new products for all our clients. We also have a choice of over 180 approved suppliers for raw materials and packaging, allowing us to rigorously meet the specification sheets of our clients, and simultaneously proposing relevant variations for each brand.
Nutra Skills boasts a highly proficient Research and Development (R&D) team, composed of experienced scientists, all specialized in the formulation and manufacture of food supplements. We remain informed of all sector-specific innovations, regarding both raw materials and packaging, to offer our clients the most competitive products on the market.


  • Food Supplements
  • Innovation
  • Packaging
  • Ingredients


Nutraskills - Laboratoire Pierre Caron

Laboratory specializing in the development and manufacturing of food supplements

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