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Food Supplements Regulations

Food Supplements Regulations

More popular than ever with consumers, food supplements can allow your brand to make its mark in the beauty and/or wellness sector. Packed with nutrients, vitamins and plant ingredients, these products must still meet high quality standards and comply with strict regulations. As an ultra-specialised manufacturer of food supplements, the Nutra Skills Laboratory supports you at every stage, from design to marketing of your food supplements. It helps to ensure you adhere to the regulations in force.
Whatever their form and formulation, food supplements are accompanied by specific labeling.
This is subject to strict regulations, which demand that you mention any information the consumer needs to know, and prevents any error from being committed. For example, this is the case for the composition of organic or non-organic food supplements.


  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Food supplements
  • Health Claims
  • Labelling


NUTRASKILLS - Laboratoire Pierre Caron

Laboratory specializing in the development and manufacturing of food supplements

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