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Cooked fruit

Cooked fruit

Fruit-based creations, perfect to accompany your sweet desserts:
Topping desserts, elaboration of verrines, topping ice cream, pastry filling...

Discover our range:

  • Cooked fruit: strawberry, raspberries, red fruits...
  • Roasted fruit: pears, pineapples, nectarine...
  • Chutney: mangoes, figs, pears...
  • Brunoise: caramelized apple, caramelized, pear...
  • Smoothie


  • Cooked fruits
  • Culinary Toppings
  • Dessert Toppings
  • Fruit-based Creations
  • Chutney



Sobreval and ID Fruits, two food production plants located in Britanny, which offer culinary creations based on fruits and vegetables on the French and European market.

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