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Strengthen the security of sensitive access to Information Systems with PROVE IT, a software-based solution intuitive to use and simple to maintain.
PROVE IT, available in 3 versions (Standard, Advanced and Cluster), is a software solution operating as a "bastion-PAM" (Certified by the French National Cybersecurity Agency - ANSSI*), allowing to control, trace and record access and actions performed by privileged accounts on information systems.
PROVE IT makes it a point to trace efficiently specific sensitive access to your critical equipment as underlined by several regulations or recommendations in place, no matter the size of your company.


  • PAM - Privileged Access Management
  • Bastion
  • Privileged Access Traceability
  • Securing Access On Information Systems
  • Third-party Provider Traceability



RUBYCAT simply strengthens the security of sensitive IT access by providing a pragmatic and simple response to the lack of visibility on the actions performed by privileged accounts.

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