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Connected room

Connected room

Our "Connected room" offer consists of three products:

  • MediaScreen Touch: a multimedia touch screen at the bedside to increase patient comfort and team performance
  • MediaScreen TV: a multimedia TV portal to entertain the patient, adapted to the healthcare facility
  • MyMediaScreen: a companion application for patients.

These solutions communicate with each other via a centralized tool to manage all your patient accounts: the Patient Management Software.

This "Connected room" product offering allows you to:

  • Save time and money
  • Enhance patients' stay
  • Ease the daily operations
  • Increase traceability.


  • Patient experience
  • Hospitality
  • Smart hospital
  • Infotainment
  • Digital hospital



Everyday, we guide HealthCare Facilities in their Digital Transformation to enable them to WELCOME BETTER, COMMUNICATE BETTER, ACCOMPANY BETTER, to make the world a healthier place.
HOPPEN places its expertise at the service of all health care facilities to accompany them in their Digital Transformation.
HOW? By developing and setting up a simple, innovative, and intuitive product range, which enables healthcare professionals to welcome patients, accompany them and communicate with them better.

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