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Hema Volufill – Mechanical Automatic Filler

Hema Volufill – Mechanical Automatic Filler

Mechanically designed, the Volufill filler is a reliable machine that has proved itself over many years. It is flexible and guarantees easy maintenance and respect of the products to be filled. Hema Volufill is available in Stand Alone or Monobloc configuration with a capper or a thermosealer. Hema Volufill can be also associated with a neck trimmer or a rinser. Application: Liquid or Viscous products • Sauces • Meat, Pet Food • Dressings • Jam, honey • Soups • Baby food • Dairy Products, Sweet Condensed Milk & Evaporated Milk,…


  • Filler
  • Capper
  • Sauces
  • Jam
  • Baby food



Located in Quimper, west side of France at one hour flight from Paris, Hema is a company part of Synerlink (Barry Wehmiller group). With 80 years of experience, Hema designs, manufactures and sells a range of fillers and seamers.

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