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MES and industrial IT

MES and industrial IT

The MES is the "conductor" of the workshop. Its role is to coordinate machines and operators with complete traceability of manufacturing information.

Interfaced with all the connected production resources, the MES guides and reacts instantly to the activities of the workshop. It is responsible for transmitting the right information at the right time, to both men and machines.
By capitalizing on all the production data in real time, the MES has a view of the work in progress and OF yields with a granularity of the order of a minute.

Meet your production needs
- Real-time sharing of production orders (POs) to be carried out
- Help in planning POs
- Provision of a complete traceability of batch genealogy
- Follow-up of the execution of the POs

Meet your PERFORMANCE needs
- Declaration of machine stoppages
- Provision of analysis tools for monitoring stoppages
- Real-time monitoring of line advance/delay
- Declaration of rejects on line
- Line performance monitoring

Meet your QUALITY needs
- Triggering of control plan (on article, operation, ...)
- Declaration of non-conformities by contextualizing the information
- Management of batch blocking and status


  • MES
  • Manufacturing Traceability
  • Connected Production
  • Production Performance
  • Quality Control



Since 1975, OET is active in Brittany and in the west part of France. To improve the productivity, the deadlines and the quality of your activity, we work on the conception and the integration of MES solutions and the piloting of your industrial processes.

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