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Atelier D - Breton Palets & Galettes

Atelier D - Breton Palets & Galettes

Discover Atelier D’s Breton biscuits, baked in Lorient – Brittany, with extra fresh churned butter and Guérande sea salt blossom.
Succumb to the temptation with the salted butter caramel chips palets, or melt into a moment of delicacy with the palets filled with dark chocolate chips! Let’s fall back into childhood with our good old-fashioned biscuits!
Back to the roots of what makes the quality of a Breton palet, galette or kouign amann: rigorously selected flours and churned butter.
The pastries are made with buckwheat, salted butter caramel... and many other treats! A know-how that is passed on from mother to daughter.

Made in France


  • Breton Biscuits
  • French Biscuits
  • French Quality
  • Premium Biscuits
  • Chocolate Biscuits



De Paris à Brest is a project that was inspired by people first and foremost; artisan manufacturers, often independent, family-owned companies, who are committed to their region of origin and who rely on Réseau NEO to source premium ingredients.

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