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Sulfodyne® (5% Sulforaphane)

Sulfodyne® (5% Sulforaphane)

Sulfodyne® is the only active and stable form of sulforaphane from broccoli seeds. Benefits : detox, immunity, women and men health, joints health..


  • Sulforaphane
  • Extract Broccoli Seeds
  • Immunity
  • Detox
  • Women Health



Born in 2015, Ingood by Olga is a business unit of Olga group, family and Brittany company. Convinced that everything is good in our materials, we give ourselves a mission : to offer natural and useful ingredients to everyone for a positive approach to the food and societal transition. While working for a more circular system, we offer plant-based and dairy ingredients (nutri-functional, health and commodities) for food, nutrition and nutraceutical markets.

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