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Born in 2015, Ingood by Olga is a business unit of Olga group, family and Brittany company. Convinced that everything is good in our materials, we give ourselves a mission : to offer natural and useful ingredients to everyone for a positive approach to the food and societal transition. While working for a more circular system, we offer plant-based and dairy ingredients (nutri-functional, health and commodities) for food, nutrition and nutraceutical markets.

We were born in 2015 under the name of Triballat Ingrédients with a strong desire to develop the different sectors of the Olga group (ex Triballat Noyal), a family business company from Brittany.

In spring of 2022, we changed the name of our group in Olga to reflect our commitment across generations and to pay tribute to Olga Triballat, founder of our company and grandmother to our current chairman, Olivier Clanchin. A nice family story !
Driven by its values that we are sharing, it’s quite natural that we have decided to evolve our name and identity too. In 2022, Triballat Ingrédients became Ingood by Olga.
« Ingood by Olga , contraction of « Ingredients» and of « Good » which reminds us that we are daily guided by our purpose : To offer the best of our materials in respect of our ecosystem and with boldness.
Through our new name, we want to highlight more strongly our commitments and ambitions : First, we are convinced that everything is good in our materials, secondly, we want to limit our impact and food waste for a more circular model and finally, we produce natural and useful ingredients to everyone for a more positive approach to food and societal transition.
Beyond our ingredients, it is a whole model of sustainable development - still perfectible - in which we believe in and want to spread generously around us. Everyone can now take part in the food transition in a very positive spirit !




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