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RACAN rodenticide range

RACAN rodenticide range

The RACAN range offers a wide choice of rodenticides for the treatment and preservation of livestock buildings. Preventive and curative rodent control is an essential component of livestock biosecurity programmes.

Rodents are responsible for extensive damage to buildings and equipment. Attracted by food, they gnaw on cables, can cause major electrical breakdowns and damage insulation. They are also vectors of disease and discomfort for the animals and the farmer and are responsible for significant economic losses.

Our anti-coagulant baits RACAN ensures rapid control and regulation of rodent infestations to maintain a healthy and preserved environment for both humans and animals.


  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Rodent
  • Livestock building
  • Biosecurity



As specialists of sanitary and food safety and biosecurity, our expertise and our solutions respond to the issues of professionals in three areas of activity: Urban hygiene, grain stored protection and livestock buildings.

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