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Poultry Range Feed Products

Poultry Range Feed Products

POULT’FARM LAYING: Promotes production and optimises egg-laying, limits drop in egg-laying after stress: vaccination, passage of lice, respiratory problems... Strengthening of the shell. egg-laying rate. Increases shell quality. Reduces egg malformations.
POULT’FARM HEMO: Stop bleeding. Reduces the risk of bleeding during beak treatments, limits bleeding after a bout of coccidiosis. Limits blood loss, Beak trimming, coccidiosis
POULT’FARM DETOX: Hepatic drainage and revival of liver functions after a change of feed, a drop in production (laying and breeding) Food transitions; Loss of appetite; Liver and kidney regulation
POULT’FARM VENTIL: Modifier environment respiratory
POULT’FARM BREATH: Helps soothe the respiratory tract


  • Respiratory
  • Hepatic
  • Blood loss
  • Egg
  • Poultry feed



Technovet Export is selling Complementary Feed for Ruminants (dairy cows, beef, sheep, goat), poultry, horses and pets.
We work with motivated distributor, which are following and selling directly to farms or to vets.

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