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Eco-DISPLAY Compact

Eco-DISPLAY Compact

The Eco-DISPLAY Compact is a small, high-visibility, real-time count display. It has been used to promote cycling in many places, including Rostock, Lyon, Hackney, Hastings and Zurich.

It works with all Eco-Counter Sensor. Pedestrians and/or cyclists counts can be displayed in real-time as well as dynamic messages. The display and mounting system are designed to resist vandalism. The clear design of the Eco-Display Compact can be customized depending on your objectives. Two information lines can be displayed (using matrix displays) on each side. For example: "Cyclists Today" and "Cyclists this Year", while alternating with dynamic messages.

Strong and waterproof:
The mounting system of the Eco-DISPLAY Compact is built to resist vandalism. Ultra-strong panels and a 100% waterproof design allow to preserve electronic components.

Customized design:
The design of the Eco-DISPLAY Compact can be customized to better fit your project, by adding your logo or any text you would want.


  • Real-time display
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Public communication
  • Bicycle counter



For 20 years, Eco-Counter has been providing robust, reliable and autonomous data collection solutions to measure and analyze bicycle and pedestrian flows in urban and natural environments

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